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Is having excessive gym mirrors really necessary during workout?

Are mirrors good or not in the gym? This is the common question which is frequently asked by the gym owners and a meaningful answer can help them to improve their gym environment. Usually gym owners use more and more mirrors in their gyms to improve the internal environment for workout. However excessive use of mirrors is not good in every situation. Even installing extra mirrors than required can have bad effects on body builders doing exercise in the gym. It is because mirrors may deviate the attention of body builders from workout to their appearance. Seeing your own reflection in the mirror always attracts your attention towards your look so during workout if you will see your reflection continuously then it will definitely don’t let you focus on your workout.
dance activity mirrors
dance activity mirror
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This is not just a thought but also been proven by a research based case study done by Kathleen A. Martin Gini who is the associate professor at McMaster University. In her case study she noticed the behavior of 58 female students during workout at the gym in excessive mirrors environment. She asked her students to wear loose shorts and T shirt and let them start exercise on stationary cycle. After analyzing her students for 20 minutes Kathleen said that the complete research team was surprised to see, how mirrors affected their exercise performance by switching their attention from exercise to their appearance. While watching their reflection during the exercising women were focused more on their appearance rather than workout. She also said that even the women who were satisfied with their body were affected by the mirror so the mirror affects can be greater on those women who are not satisfied with their physical appearance. This case study was also published in Health Psychology journal.
home gym wall mirror
In another case study it was also proven that mirrors can have a lot more affect on beginners as they feel uncomfortable while seeing their reflection during exercise. Mirrors in the gyms are actually installed to notice the exercise positions or to see cuts and mussels for experienced body builders. However they can irritate beginners during exercise as they can feel that they are being noticed by everyone.
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So the conclusion from these case studies is that gym mirrors can be beneficial just as like yoga studio mirrors, dance activity mirrors, exercise studio mirrors but only if they are installed properly. There are a lot of gyms which have less mirroring in the areas where beginners perform their workout. 
yoga studio mirror

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Thursday, 25 February 2016

A Few Easy tips for the Better workout to live a healthier life

A Few Easy tips for the Better workout to live a healthier life

“Living healthy is the key to living happy.”   
[by: mile stone ]

Wealth and all the facilities of world are nothing in front of health. We can enjoy good life only if we are enjoying good health. You’ve seen many examples that when someone is looking fit he/she looks more fresh and attractive.

“Good health is itself a natural makeup”
[by: mile stone ]

You just need to set up a goal of staying fit and everything will be done. You know the basic step is to make your mind ready and to tell yourself whether you wanna see you fit and active and how soon. Here are a few tips to make your workout results going good approach. Hope you’ll start get the right pace and will affirm the results with your fellows to for their motivation.  Following are some tips with which you can get more concentration during workout.

Comfortable Dressing Code:
If the pair of your running shoes is comfortable you’ll have more concentration in workout. Don’t use too much tight or loose shoes as these will break your attention.  Use perfectly fit shoes and you’ll enjoy exercises more. Similarly sweaty, smelly socks will shred your focus and it becomes a reason of embarrassment sometimes, so be careful.  The same rule goes with your t-shirt and other dressing elements which you wear during workout. Be extra careful about your dressing code because it will keep you away from many worries and hurly-burly.
Home Gym wall Mirrors
Keep yourself Hydrated:
It is very common issue with many people who are new in exercise and it looks quite natural too that they carp dehydration as a major obstacle in their workout routine. But if you take this mater seriously you’ll easily find the reason is not so complicated or difficult to overcome. If they start paying attention towards this by keeping them hydrated properly, it will no more be a big deal with them to cop up the situation and otherwise. More over Experts say popping a mint whenever your mouth becomes dry will also help as it’ll stop chances of bad breath.

Use Home Gym Wall Mirrors:
It is always a best strategy to set up goals and trying to achieve them and this will help you in achieving good looks, better health and a strict workout routine in the long run. Home gym wall mirrors are actually your companions which not only company you when you are feeling bored as you’ll enjoy watching your own self in every move and in all ups and downs which is said as a secret motivational technique in a way. Today you don’t have to be worried about buying mirrors for the walls of your gym at your home. Just log on to some trusted glass and mirrors products provider site, chose your favorite home gym wall mirrors and they’ll ship those at your doorsteps the next day or even in the same day as well.

Folks, enough for now, hope you’ll start workout quickly and do let me know your feedback as it is the only reason I’m writing these lines for you.
Stone Sarah

About Author:
I'm Stone Sarah and I love working at Fab Glass and Mirror which is famous in all over the world for its Wide range of best quality Mirrors and Glass Products which are used in home improvement, home furniture, bathroom furniture, wall mirrors, gym mirrors, dance mirrors, Tempered Door Glass and Tops, insulated glass panels. Reading and searching interesting and helpful stuff is my hobby and I love writing about home improvement, furniture, home decor, do it yourself (DIY), self improvement, well being and People.

Friday, 5 February 2016

Nail Care Tips for girls and ladies by Health and beauty tips

Nail Care Tips for girls and ladies by Health and beauty tips

Sunday, 24 January 2016

Benefits of Carrots and Carrot juice health and beauty tips

Benefits of Carrots and Carrot juice health and beauty tips:

Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Winter Skin Care Tips at health and beauty tips

Winter Skin Care Tips:

Thursday, 14 January 2016

What not to eat while pregnant

What not to eat while pregnant

Sunday, 6 December 2015

How To use Lavender Oil For Best Hair Growth

Lavender oil offers so many benefits to the human body – even though it’s most widely known for its aromatherapy
applications, this oil has a lot of useful qualities for cosmetic purposes, in particular human hair.
A lot of people suffer from hair loss due to a medical condition called Alopecia areata. It’s an autoimmune disease where the
body will reject the hair follicles as being foreign objects. Lavender oil is an all-natural product that can help treat this
disease by aiding in new hair growth.

Benefits of using lavender oil for hair growth

Lavender oil has a sweet, soft scent – it’s distilled from the flowers of the lavender plant. Lavender oil has been found to
have regenerative properties and is quite often the core ingredient of many hair formulas to help treat hair conditions such
as dry scalp, psoriasis, dandruff, etc.
Not only does this essential oil aid with growth of new hair, it also treats sleeplessness, anxiety and stress – all side
effects of embarrassing hair loss.

If your hair loss problem is in fact caused by a psychological state such as depression, stress or anxiety, then lavender oil
can be a very effective natural remedy as it helps regulate blood circulation in the body – including the scalp – so in
general will help promote healthy hair growth.

How to apply lavender oil to hair for growth

For hair loss caused by Alopecia:-
Mix 100% pure essential lavender oil with a carrier oil such as coconut oil. 

Massage this mixture into your scalp daily for effective promotion of healthy hair growth.

In addition to the above treatment, try using an organic lavender shampoo and conditioner – always check the ingredients list
and make sure it contains pure lavender oil for best results.

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