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Is having excessive gym mirrors really necessary during workout?

Are mirrors good or not in the gym? This is the common question which is frequently asked by the gym owners and a meaningful answer can help them to improve their gym environment. Usually gym owners use more and more mirrors in their gyms to improve the internal environment for workout. However excessive use of mirrors is not good in every situation. Even installing extra mirrors than required can have bad effects on body builders doing exercise in the gym. It is because mirrors may deviate the attention of body builders from workout to their appearance. Seeing your own reflection in the mirror always attracts your attention towards your look so during workout if you will see your reflection continuously then it will definitely don’t let you focus on your workout.
dance activity mirrors
dance activity mirror
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This is not just a thought but also been proven by a research based case study done by Kathleen A. Martin Gini who is the associate professor at McMaster University. In her case study she noticed the behavior of 58 female students during workout at the gym in excessive mirrors environment. She asked her students to wear loose shorts and T shirt and let them start exercise on stationary cycle. After analyzing her students for 20 minutes Kathleen said that the complete research team was surprised to see, how mirrors affected their exercise performance by switching their attention from exercise to their appearance. While watching their reflection during the exercising women were focused more on their appearance rather than workout. She also said that even the women who were satisfied with their body were affected by the mirror so the mirror affects can be greater on those women who are not satisfied with their physical appearance. This case study was also published in Health Psychology journal.
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In another case study it was also proven that mirrors can have a lot more affect on beginners as they feel uncomfortable while seeing their reflection during exercise. Mirrors in the gyms are actually installed to notice the exercise positions or to see cuts and mussels for experienced body builders. However they can irritate beginners during exercise as they can feel that they are being noticed by everyone.
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So the conclusion from these case studies is that gym mirrors can be beneficial just as like yoga studio mirrors, dance activity mirrors, exercise studio mirrors but only if they are installed properly. There are a lot of gyms which have less mirroring in the areas where beginners perform their workout. 
yoga studio mirror

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